Social Club Misfits – Say Goodbye (Official Audio)

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Lyrics: This is the part where you leave without saying goodbye This is the part where you leave without saying goodbye Yeah, I love her, and I could never leave her lonely Ring, ring on the iPhone it was my homie He told me, “If you can make it out to L.A. And you find a place to stay We can make a little bread so what you thinking” I think that sounds like a plan Never buy a spirit when you’re hopping on a plane Dang All I need is one chance like Biggie To make it, and if I do I’ll bring my whole city with me Dang I heard you talking crazy on a group text I guess every crew needs a Judas I want to keep the peace like a Buddhist But if you cross the line I’ll put you into a suplex Hey, you’re supposed to be a Christian I am so mind your business Yeah, I’m trying to be the best me So, if you see me racing home it’s ‘cause I got someone to see Ok, I still feel like I’m 18 literally No pains in my knees, no shakes in my hands, and the words I can see ‘em so vividly So, to me I approach the game differently Safe to say that the gangs made history Life was the price, yes, Christ gave His for me So, I’m quickly reminded of what this could be What if the words I utter could change history I feel like Carman in ‘89 Kept my old shirts I gotta give ‘em to fear of God Wait I rap for ‘em, off the platform Take my time I don’t rhyme normal Hold up And this for the time you felt hopeless For the times that you said you wasn’t satisfied Know it sound like I’m going off a checklist I’m just trying to say it all before I say goodbye