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Hell has an agenda! It is a brainwashing mechanism through the visualization of social media, television, internet, sound bites, ect. They are rebroadcasting a reality that is causing division. Police brutality and racism are at the forefront. This has keep people in a state of anger or fear. Even Christians who are unaware of what is taking place are rebroadcasting their frustration. Unknowingly, that they are playing the same game. For 40 Days Goliath had broadcasted fear to the nation of Israel. This broadcast frequency became a normal way of living for 40 days. It was up until David came and asked “Who is this that defile the armies of the Living God” (1 Samuel 26). Up until that time David was not a part of the broadcast frequency. He spent all his time alone with sheep. I believe he spent time with God as well. The Encounter is designed to turn people from the reality of the world back to God. The goal of this project is to minister an authentic experience of God to people, not the situations of society that leaves people in doubt, fear, negativity and division. I want to minister to your conscious to bring you into the perception of His Glory.

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