TV Show Appearance – Get Featured on Living Witness TV

Living Witness TV Show Opportunities:

Artist Profile Show:
30 Minute artist documentary show. Featuring videos from the artist including music videos, performance videos, outreach videos, or any other videos that have been recorded in the life of the artist. This also includes a Q&A with show host Lexi Lex. The Q&A is broken into segments transitioning from video to video. Fill out form below for more info.
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iPrayz TV Show:
Christian Artist Performance Showcase. iPrayz TV show includes a 10 minute performance set, and a 5 minute interview. Show is recorded by Living Witness TV in front of a live concert audience at the Murray Hill theatre in Jacksonville, FL. After show airing the artist will receive their individual performance set for their own promotional purposes via YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, etc. Performance is recorded by 3-4 Camcorders, and edited with camera switches every 2-6 seconds. Fill out form below for more info.
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Kingdom Cam:
5-6 Christian Artist or performers will submit home video recordings, and showcase their talent to a live viewing audience. After the show voting goes live, and viewers will vote to see which artist video will advance to the next week’s show and compete against the new video submissions. Video submissions are 2-5 minutes and can be home videos of any kind: including home, church, concert, cypher, etc. Any type of video is allowed to be submitted EXCEPT AN OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO. Fill out form below for more info.
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Disciple Maker Broadcast:
15 minute in studio interview with show host Marilyn Fisher, and 15 minutes of video footage from an on scene location, for example: community outreach, book signing, album release, church service, etc. On location recording can be done in Jacksonville, FL or the Living Witness TV production team can come to your city. Disciple Maker has hosted guest such as: Deitrick Haddon, Michelle Williams, KB, Bizzle, J Moss, Wess Morgan and more. Fill out form below for more info.
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Rap Resurrection TV Show:
Christian Hip Hop Music Video Show. Show features 5-6 of the newest trending videos in the Christian Hip Hop Genre. Artist can submit their video to appear on the show, and even come to our studio to record a cypher to appear on the show while talking about their music between videos. Fill out form below for more info.
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