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‘IF THEY KNEW’ full album stream by Fee-Lo. Featuring Aaron Cole, Plain James, Tasaura, Krish10, Vlad, Tim Allen, and Roberto. Listen Now.

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Fee-Lo, or Felix Dewayne Baker, has been an aspiring young artist since the age of six. At the age of six, he took piano lessons. During this time, there was a sense of anointing upon him.
He seemed to be less interested in the traditional music taught by the Piano teacher. Gospel music seemed to become a keen interest to him. He would ask the Piano teacher “When am I going to play church songs?” She would reply “Let’s play the songs in the lesson book” We’ll get to the church songs later. His parents realized that this was of interest to him and purchased him a keyboard. Fee-Lo took a liking to devotional songs sung by the old deacons in the country churches.
In 2005, he began to take an interest in composing instrumentals “from scratch” to then later write and record lyrics to them. He would spend hours creating beats and rhythms in FL Studio on his Old Dell computer. Then he and a few friends would record to these beats and other industry beats on an old laptop using the built-in microphone and a sound recorder program in Windows.
By 2007, he had a catalog of over 200 beats, all from scratch. Recording tracks in a sound recorder became a thing of the past after he linked up with a classmate in high school that introduced him to Mixcraft Multitrack Recording Studio. He showed Fee-Lo how to arm and record tracks in order to build a song. “It was Love at first sight.” Those days of having to record a whole song in one take were over…
Fee-Lo took it upon himself to really learn how to use Mixcraft and be creative in his recording. He downloaded the software onto his family’s desktop computer, borrowed a microphone from church, “slapped on” a pair of his younger brother’s “Leap Frog” tablet headphones and got straight to work.
After graduating high school Spring 2008, Fee-Lo received a full academic scholarship to Alabama State University, Montgomery, Alabama. Here he planned to major in Recording Engineering and press for his B.S.. After a rough start of balancing school, meetings and mixers on the yard, clubbing on the weekend, and church, Fee-Lo felt himself losing the drive of wanting to be at the top of his class but rather do enough to get by. Meanwhile, his parents and siblings were very supportive during this time.
Spring 2009, his father had a massive heart attack which really got Fee-Lo’s attention since he and his father had such a close relationship. His father had been his mentor for all his life and was the one who introduced him to Christ. Unlike many, his father modeled Christ in such a way that although he had a heart attack, his spirit was still filled with joy. God spoke to Fee-Lo during this time asking the question are you ready to lead this family if you needed to? A question that sparked an urgency to get things right with God.
Due to an error in Fee-Lo’s transcript, the Summer of 2009 he lost his academic scholarship. His father then mentioned Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. After some praying and research about the school, Fee-Lo and parents decided it was in his best interest to pursue and do what he loved. God made a way for them to register and clear the deadlines for financial aid before the summer ended. He was scheduled to begin August 2009.
Full Sail taught him just about everything he needed to know about audio, and moving to Orlando taught him everything he need to know about himself. His walk with God since his father’s heart attack had been one of a hypocrite. Since he’d began to take an interest in writing lyrics to gospel songs that created a message to the believers as well as the nonbelievers, it was necessary that his daily life represented that.
After connecting with a group of guys from University Christian Fellowship, Fee-Lo began to see the importance of reading his bible as well as fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. This allowed him to pursue his calling by reaching people through his music and through genuine relationships.
Since that time, Fee-Lo has been a full-time math teacher and girls’ basketball coach on the middle school and high school level. He has managed to balance his work career with his music career and has even developed a love for film and photography. Fee-Lo had the opportunity to travel as an artist on the Orlando based label Triumfant Muzik and really grew as a performer and a singer/rapper with his melodic style and delivery.
After years of releasing group projects and free singles, Fee-Lo released his 3rd Solo album titled “If They Knew” which has gotten some tremendous feedback and features some of the top artist in CHH today. He describes this album as his most honest work. He talks about the difficulties in life, broken relationships, and even recently burying his father in August 2017 due to the heart disease his dad was diagnosed with in 2009.
The project is available on all major digital outlets.