Dr. Mark Williams – Wanna Be Used (Official Music Video)

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Dr. Mark Williams, Gospel Recording Artist and Ear, Nose & Throat/Head & Neck Surgeon, releases powerful music video depicting a heart-stirring example (dramatization) of how he’s Merging Music, Medicine & Ministry.

Story line:
A young man suffers an acute life threatening event that requires emergency surgery. Dr. Mark Williams, the surgeon on-call, rushes in to the hospital to offer life-saving treatment. A worried mother finds comfort in relying on spiritual truths of the Bible and invite her husband to enjoin similar faith. The concerned atheist father wants no part in her “religious fascinations” but only wants his son safely returned. In an explosive resusal to engage his wife’s faith, he drives his wife away who retreats to the sanctuary of the hospital chapel. The husband, wanting a favorable and complete recovery of his son, comes to the desparate conclusion that perhaps his only chance for a good outcome is to trust the God in whom his wife trusts. In attempts to reconcile with his wife and redeem his son, he joins his wife kneeling in prayer for a miracle. This desparate act of submission and faith gains the reward of a complete recovery for their son. Unbeknownst to the couple, the surgeon was also a faith-filled believer in God.

(chorus )
Oh I oh I
I’m willing and waiting
Oh I oh I
Just wanna be used

(verse 1)
I just wanna be used by you Oh God
I’m willing to do whatever you want me to
It’s not my will, it’s yours, not my life but yours
Teach me how to live and how to forgive

(verse 2)
I just wanna be used, teach me how to love
Teach me how to show the world your face
So they can see this hope
So they can see this peace
So they can see your unfailing grace
I live to know you, I love to show you
I want to give you all of me

So take my hand it’s yours
Take my heart it’s yours
All that I want and have I give to you

I wanna hear your voice
I wanna know your touch
I wanna feel your heart beat
Teach me how to love you
Teach me how to serve you
Teach me how to forgive

All that I wanna do is to be used by you

About Wanna Be Used:
One listen to the R&B style chorus and you’ll find yourself chanting, “Oh I” for hours afterwards. The catchy hook on this song provides a subtle but certain reminder of our commitment to live a life devoted to the service of God.